About Us

Safescape is a road safety technology company. Our sole mission to to help reduce the number of road accidents, injuries and deaths on our roads each year by proactively warning road users, be they drivers, riders, pedestrians or even vehicles themselves of approaching accident-risk danger zones before they get to them. This allows road users to be more aware and alert and take appropriate safety measures.

We use our proprietary machine-learning algorithm trained on over 1 million data points to calculate a risk score and alert road users in real time. Safescape uses audible alerts and a visual indicator based on familiar traffic light colours to effectively reflect the severity of the approaching risks. Alerts and alert severity change based on the time of day, week and year.

Safesape is available as either an app via the AppStore or Android Play or as an API data service integrated into OEM and 3rd Party natigation, driver assist and telematics technologies.

Press releases

New App Sees Accident Hotspots Before Driver Does

New app assesses the road ahead in real-time and warns drivers of potential accident hotspots Combines critical data from over 1.3 million... read more

15.05.2019 • By Safescape Intelligent Systems Limited